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Current Studies :

Diploma of Financial Planning FNS50611 with the Australis College

May 2011

TLI 21209 Certificate II in Driving Operations (Taxi)

Gained Taxi license in 2011 and drove Taxis here on the Gold Coast from May 2011 to early 2013, a career

change after realizing that the Personal Training Industry was over-saturated and not a very lucrative and

profitable profession. Driving taxis wasn’t the best paid line of work either, the income was more steady,

but the hours were longer, but it was invaluable in building people skills, particularly dealing with people

from all walks of life, and working night-shift, often difficult (intoxicated) passengers.

October 2008

SRF30206 Certificate III, SRF40206 Certificate IV in Fitness plus Nutritional Consultant Qualification

After working in an office environment for many years, and gaining a few extra pounds around the waistline, I engaged in a weight-

loss program and got very interested in empowering others to improve their health and wellness, and subsequently enrolled in the

Personal Training Course with Human Performance Centre in Miami, and also did a correspondence course in Nutrition.

October 1986

Diploma in Data Processing Principles

I undertook this course at my own cost whilst serving in the R.A.A.F. due to

the lack of career advancement within Australia’s armed forces, to plan ahead

and improve my career prospects in the civilian world upon resigning from the

R.A.A.F.  This course allowed me to advance my I.T. career after leaving the

R.A.A.F. by giving me the qualifications I needed to be a database manager

and administrator

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